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Board of Directors

The Executive Committee is elected by the Board of Directors and is composed of the ChairPerson, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.  They are responsible for the day-to-day management of the council.  All members of the Board of Directors serve on at least one of the sub-committees.

Executive Committee

Tom Simpson    (ChairPerson)

Roberta Lee      (Vice-Chair)

Jim Stubbs         (Treasurer)

Peter Kierstead (Secretary)


Patricia Chisholm

Sue West

Peter Furness

Jane Tunney


Kevin Robertson

Ed Ross

Sandy Coffin

Dale Kilpatrick

Recording Secretary: Marlene Abbott

Monitoring Committee

This committee is responsible for monitoring the results of on-site testing, to ensure that all impacts of the Crane Mountain Sanitary Landfill Site are known, addressed, and controlled. They also represent the concerns of the community pertaining to the safety and workings of the landfill.

Roberta Lee (Chairperson)

Sue West


Peter Kierstead

Kevin Robertson

Find out more about the activities of this committee in the Monitoring section of this website.




Special Projects Committee

This Special Projects Committee distributes and collects applications for funding from the Host Community Enhancement Fund, and is responsible to review and recommend the most suitable and deserving applications for the funds available.

The whole Board of Directors must vote to accept the recommendations of the Special Projects Committee and direct the recommendation to Fundy Region Solid Waste (FRSW) and the Fundy Regional Service Commission for approval and payment after completion.

Tom Simpson (Chairperson)

Jim Stubbs

Sandy Coffin

Patricia Chisholm

Ed Ross

 Find out more about the activities of this committee in the Special Projects section of this website.