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What are the Host Communities?

The Host Communities are the areas in the immediate vicinity of the Crane Mountain Sanitary Landfill Site. The Host Communities include: Grand Bay-Westfield and that portion of the City of Saint John extending from the northern boundary of Grand Bay-Westfield to a line drawn of right angle to the end of the sewer line located at the South Bay Bridge in South Bay. These communities are singled out from the entire area serviced by the landfill because they are more directly affected by the proximity of the landfill.

The entire service area is known as the Fundy Region, which comprises the City of Saint John, the Towns of Grand Bay-Westfield, South Bay, Hampton, Quispamsis, and Rothesay, the villages of Brown’s Flat and St. Martins, and the Local Service Districts of Greenwich, Hampton Parish, Kingston, Musquash, Nauwigewauk, Rothesay Parish, Saint John Parish, St. Martins Parish, Simonds, and Westfield-West.