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Crane Mountain Enhancement Inc.


For several years, Crane Mountain Enhancement Inc was known as The Fundy Future Environment and Benefits Council (FFEBC).  In 2004 the council was incorporated and named Crane Mountain Enhancement Inc and its structure and guidelines were formalized in writing.  New By-Laws were adopted and are available in the Resources section of this website.

Guidelines Under Incorporation

1.  To establish, maintain, and operate a community environmental monitoring operation to study, monitor, investigate, and assist the Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission (the Commission) in its operation of Crane Mountain Sanitary Landfill.

2.  To be involved with the planning for the future of the Crane Mountain site.

3.  To investigate and assess the environmental impact of the Crane Mountain site.

4.  To recommend the distribution and use of the Host Community Enhancement funds flowing from the commission.

5.  To assist in directing other benefits originating from the Crane Mountain site, including recreational, educational, and aesthetic benefits.

6.  To advise on and monitor the composting operations on and off the Crane Mountain site.

7.  To establish its rules of procedure and to determine the size and composition of the Host Community, which it represents, and to suggest the boundaries of such Host Community.

Membership and Elections

All residents of the host communities are members of CMEI and as such are eligible to vote at the CMEI Annual Meeting and to be elected as a member of the Council. The CMEI Council consists of 12 members, six of whom are elected each year at the Annual Meeting for two-year terms.