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Current Work

Visit our Archives to read the current work pages from previous years starting with 2009.

Current Monitoring Project

In 2005, CMEI commissioned an Independent External Review of the Crane Mountain Landfill by ADI Ltd., an award-winning Atlantic Canada engineering firm, with extensive landfill design and monitoring experience. This Review is available to review or download from the Reference Section of this web site.

In 2008, CMEI initiated a follow-up to the 2005 Review, which has been conducted by ADI engineers.  This report assesses responses to recommendations made in 2005 and looks at several issues that were not included in the earlier document.

The 2009 ADI Update Independent External Review of the Crane Mountain Landfill was presented to the Fundy Region Solid Waste Commissioners, Counsellors from the City of Saint John and Grand Bay-Westfield, and officials from the Department of the Environment on November 17, 2009 at the KBM Community Centre.  John Sims, Senior Hydrogeologist made the presentation.

To understand the essence of the review read the following 3 sections.

Executive Summary

Summary and Recommendations

Specific Recommendations

Read or download the full 2009 Update Review here or from our Resources Page.

Follow-up with respect to the recommendations of the report has resulted in an “Action Plan” being prepared which outlines dates for various recommendations to be considered.

FRSWC “Action Plan”

In August 2010 CMEI received an action plan for the FRSWC in response to the recommendations of the 2009 Update Review.  The action plan is an operating document for the General Manager to  use in planning actions in response to the 2009 Update Review.  The dates on the plan are the dates that the General Manager plans to seek approval for the project from the Commission.  As such, there is no actual commitment that any given recommendation will be approved and acted upon.  To view the action plan click here.  When reading the action plan refer to the specific recommendations on page 38 & 39 of the 2009 Update Review

CMEI Priorities in Response to the “Action Plan”

CMEI was asked to respond to the action plan by prioritizing the recommendations addressed in the action plan.  To read CMEI’s official response click here.

Special Projects

The 2018 have been completed and all of the funds distributed.

The 2019 projects have been approved and work has commenced.

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2019 Chair's Report

2019 Monitoring Committee Report

2019 Special Projects Committee Report

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Minutes - General Meetings

2018 Annual General Meeting

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