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Crane Mountain Environmental Education Program

Be a part of the exciting programs offered at Crane Mountain! Through active learning, students and teachers can discover the fascinating world of recycling, composting, and landfill solid waste management. All programs are designed with curriculum guidelines to enrich your class’s experience. On-site resources include dynamic staff ready to work with a variety of interests and grade levels, as well as indoor exhibits, visual aids, technology, and outdoor demonstrations.

To book a trip to the Crane Mountain Landfill you should call Brenda MacCallum, Public Information Officer, Regional Landfill at 738-1214.


Classes in Grade 4 from the entire Fundy Region schools are eligible for transportation funding to participate in the Crane Mountain Environmental Education Program. Have the school book any required buses through the School Board - they will know how to contact the landfill regarding reimbursement. CMEI contributes funding for all Grade 4 classes from  schools in the Host Community through the CMEI “Bus Account.”

Host Community School and Scholarship Funding

The primary mandate of CMEI is to monitor all aspects of the landfill for the benefit of residents of the host community. Over the years our monitoring efforts have evolved and become more expensive such that our cash reserves are diminishing each year. Our Board of Directors has moved to discontinue funding of environmental grants for schools and the scholarship program, effective December 31, 2014, in order to advance our environmental monitoring effort.

School Environmental Grants

The schools located in the host community Westfield Elementary School, River Valley Middle School, Grand Bay Primary School, Inglewood School, and Morna Heights School are eligible to apply for Special Projects grants from the Host Community Enhancement Fund and are encouraged to apply for funding of environmental projects as part of that program. These grants are not limited to $600.00 and will be awarded based on the criteria set out for Special Projects.


Over the past 17 years CMEI has funded, either from our operating budget or through Special Projects, $67000 in scholarships to students from the host community who were enrolled in full time  programs at UNBSJ or NBCC Saint John.  See a list of all recipients below.





Lori Graham
Adam O’Donnell

William M. Bartlett
Isabelle S. Goguen


Jonathan Losier
Keir Bastarache

Brandon K. Laskey
Jillian L. Wong


Natalie Ross
Keir Bastarache

Laura M. Keniston
Brandon K. Laskey
Jillian L. Wong


Natalie Ross
Andrew Welton

Sean R. Conley


Erica Boulter
Kimberly Smart

Ethan D. Arsenault
Graeme G. M. Powell


Adam Read
Ian Lingley

Emily Nelson
Stephen Adam Stone


Sarah Campbell
Miles Richard

Emily Nelson
Stephen Stone


Eric Arsenault
Gerry Greene

Emily Nelson
Alexander Kingston


Janine Kellock
Miles Rickard

Holly Burry
Daniel Tibbetts


Ryan Willaim Gault
Keith Charlton

Holly Burry
Andrew Thom


Chris Titus
Patricia Wilkins

Liliane Arsenault
Kevin Gormley


David MacGillvray
Matthew Fisher

Brendan Sheehan
Kevin Gormley


Brent McElman
Andrew Sabean

Brendan Sheehan
Sarah Duke


Michelle Dryden
Richard Degrace

Laura Taylor
Robyn White


Kenneth Lundberg
Stephen Flowers

Erin Arsenault
Rob McFadden


Adam Guimond
Ryan Donald

Erin Arsenault
Connie Brown


Graham McKinley
Wesley Dixon

Lynne Collier