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Project Grant Applications

We now have 2 forms that you can use when applying for grants from the Host Community Enhancement Fund.  The standard paper form for hand written applications and a Microsoft Word form.

When using the Microsoft Word form, the applicant will need a computer with Microsoft Office installed.  Download the document from this website and open it in MS Word, then type the information into the shaded areas of the form.  Use the forward and reverse arrows to move between the fields that need to be filled in.  The text in the document is protected so that only the shaded areas will accept your input.  Once completed print and submit.

Submit by email

Starting with the 2010 applications, applicants have the option to submit their applications by email.  In order to submit by email you may need to scan all or part of your application.

When using the hand written form, the completed form and any necessary attachments would need to be scanned and attached to an email.  The preferred format for the the scanned document is PDF, which many scanners can create directly as the document is scanned and saved to the hard drive or removable storage media.

For the MS Word form, complete the form as described above, save it to the hard drive or removable storage media.  Then attach the file to an email.  Any necessary attachments would also need to be scanned and attached to the email.

The email address for applications is cmei.projects@gmail.com The subject line of the email should read "Project Application".

Application Forms

Note: Application deadline is now February 15

Special Projects

Please read and follow “Guideline for Special Projects” and follow carefully.

Hand Written Form (PDF)

Microsoft Word Form

Interactive PDF Form (Save and attach to email)


Note: Environmental grants for schools have been discontinued. Each project will be considered on the merits of the project, its environmental impact is an important criteria for approval of grants.