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    20116 Special Projects Funding Allocation - $86722.00

    Total grants awarded to end of 2014 - $1,506,820.00

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Special Projects Committee Mandate

The Special Projects Committee will review applications for the Host Community Enhancement Fund and bring forth funding recommendations to the full Crane Mountain Enhancement Inc. (CMEI) council.  On the recommendation of the full CMEI council, final approval and funding comes from the Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission. 


The Host Community Enhancement Fund

In 1996, the owners and management of the Crane Mountain Sanitary Landfill made a commitment to set aside $75,000 per year adjusted for inflation, this being approximately $1.00 per ton of solid waste to provide a long-term benefit program for the Host Community. The Council was asked to take a lead role in finding and developing outreach projects in the Host Community.  The total contribution to this fund to date can be found at the top of this page.

If you have a worthwhile community project that could benefit from funding, and your organization or group is located in the Host Community, you are welcome to submit an application for review by our Special Projects Committee.

Community Projects

Criteria for Funding of Communities Amenities

  • The proposed initiative, community based activity, project, program or facility must be within the Host Community.
  • The impact of the proposed initiative in improving the Host Community and making a positive impact on its residents.
  • The number of residents of the Host Community which will be positively affected by the proposed initiative with an emphasis on maximizing benefits for the youth of the community.
  • Initiatives which have a positive environmental impact or further the education of the residents of the Host Community on environmental matters.

KBM Siding Project


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Blueberry Hill Project


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Conditions and Rules

(This is not a complete list, and it is subject to change at any time).

    All projects must be completed by the first of October in the year applied. To ensure the projects are done according to specifications, a designated member of Special Projects will work in conjunction with personell at the Crane Mountain Landfill, until all projects are completed successfully. Monies from the fund cannot be carried from year to year because government policy does not allow it.

    All invoices, statements, bills, etc. will be inspected, copied, and filed for reference with each year’s projects.  Invoices for goods or services not specified on the application for the grant will be rejected.

    If, for some reason, supplies cannot be purchased for a particular project (because of seasonal reasons, etc.), a Purchase Order may be used to hold the funds over in the Fundy Solid Waste Commission’s account until the next year when the supplies are available.

    Funds are to cover project costs. If a project is under the original budget, the Special Projects Comittee will recommend the disbursement of left over funds to projects designated to receive such funds.

    During the construction of each project, a sign will be placed informing the general public that CMEI has accepted and recommended the project for funding by FRSWC through the Host Community Enhancement Fund.

Applying for Project Funding

Project Grant Application

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