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Who Are We?

Crane Mountain Enhancement, Inc. (CMEI) is an independent, community-based advisory committee elected by residents of the Host Communities and is responsible for monitoring all aspects of the Crane Mountain Sanitary Landfill site protecting the environment in the communities adjacent to the landfill, and selecting the projects that will receive grants from the host community enhancement fund.

What Do  We Do?


Special Projects

CMEI (formerly called Fundy Future Environment and Benefits Council) was formed in 1997, to fulfill condition eleven of the thirteen conditions set by the Department of the Environment for approval of the landfill: “The Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission shall establish a Community Environmental Monitoring Committee

Its mandate, set out in a 1999 agreement between the Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission and the Fundy Future Environment and Benefits Council is to monitor the operation of the facilities and to represent the concerns of the host community regarding the safety and workings of the Crane Mountain Sanitary Landfill during the entire life of the site, including the post-closure period. The sum of $20,000 (adjusted for inflation) is transferred annually from the Waste Ctn_ADI Reportommission budget to CMEI to fulfill this mandate.tn__MG_6816Cells

The thumbnail photo on the left is a link to our latest monitoring report prepared for CMEI by ADI Limited.  The thumbnail photo on the right is a link to an aerial photo of the closed and active cells at the landfill.  See the monitoring page for details of our monitoring programs and the photos page for a more complete set of aerial photos.

According to the 1999 agreement between CMEI and the Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission (FRSWC), $75,000 (approximately one dollar per tonne adjusted for inflation) is allocated annually as the Host Community Enhancement Fund. CMEI receives applicatiotn_DSC06294ns each year for grants within the host community, and recommends the special projects that will receive grants.

For instructions on completion and submission of application forms and to download the forms follow the link below.


As a means of protecting the environment, CMEI promotes tn_Int Ctr - scale modelEnvironmental Education for young people in the host community.